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ECB Work Station

The Donaldson Torit® DCE Environmental Control Booth called ECB Work Station is ideal for finishing works on large and irregularly shaped parts. This self-contained working environment is specially designed to remove fine airborne dust from multiple sources without interfering with workers’ movement or visibility to ensure efficient dust control.

The unique booth design is complete with lighting, sound- proofing and built-in dust collection. It requires no ductwork, and re-circulates the cleaned air for reduced energy costs. Workers inside the booth enjoy complete freedom of movement, cleaner air and excellent visibility. The powerful filtration capabilities of ECB Work Station prevent migration of dust to other parts of the plant, protecting workers outside the booth from the dust and noise generated inside the booth.

  • Stand-alone unit for easy moving at the plant
  • High filtration efficiency with
  • Ultra-Web® cartridge filters
  • Freedom of movement and improved visibility
  • Flexibility to increase capacity
  • Requires no ductwork
  • Safely recirculates cleaned air for reduced energy costs

At the Core of the Efficiency: Nanofiber Media Technology

Unequalled filtration efficiency with Ultra-We​b cartridges: The advanced surface filtration technology ensures longest filter life and lowest operating pressure drop.

The ECB Work Station uses Ultra-Web® and Fibra-Web® filters with our proprietary nanofibre technology. With nanofiber filters, dust particles rapidly accumulate on the filter surface to build a thin, permeable dust-stopping cake. As a result, Ultra-Web and Fibra-Web filters offer the highest filtration efficiency by eliminating premature filter plugging and allowing the dust cake’s release during the collector’s cleaning cycle.

Standard Features:

  • TCB or IPC controller
  • Hinged louvered inlet

Equipment Options:

  • Booth pack
  • Lighting pack
  • Magnehelic
  • Spark trap inlet
  • HEPA afterfilter
  • Silencer pack
  • Downdraft bench
  • Oil/water separator
  • ATEX compliancy

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Ultra-Web Technology from Donaldson Torit Provides Filters that Deliver

Proven and proprietary Ultra-Web® technology delivers longer filter life, cleaner air and greater cost savings than other types of cartridge filter media. This video explains the electrospinning process that is used to produce a continuous, resilient fiber that traps dust on the surface of the media; thus, the filters are easier to clean and provide lower operating pressure drop.