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Remote Weld Bench

Designed for weld fume applications, the remote workstation integrates easily with other Donaldson Torit® air filtration products.
  • High backdraft inlet is ideal for weld fume
  • Rugged construction
  • Heavy-duty 7-gauge work surface
  • Hinged side-wing panels open to accommodate longer workpieces
  • Larger model and longer worktable suits two workers
  • Ergonomically designed for operator comfort
  • Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards
  • Productivity increases and morale improves by providing a clean air environment

Donaldson Torit Industrial Air Filtration - Exactly What You Need for Dust, Fume and Mist Collection

Donaldson Torit's broad range of collectors and filters gives the customers interviewed in this video exactly what they need for dust, fume and mist collection. Donaldson Torit products' reliability and innovative technology can significantly reduce emissions, maintenance costs, and energy costs in manufacturing facilities.