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Sterile grade, pleated high-performance polyethersulfone membrane filters for liquid applications.


Sterile grade, pleated high-performance polyethersulfone membrane filters for sterile filtration and microbial stabilization of highly colloidal liquids.

PP100 N

Absolute rated depth type filters constructed of 100% polypropylene deliver superior flow rates and high throughput.

PP100 CN

Specifically developed for maximum safety, performance and economics in protecting bottled water and soft drinks from Cryptosporidium and Giardia contamination.


Delivers outstanding flow rates and high throughput, with nominal submicron particulate retention and high dirt holding capacity.


Polypropylene construction provides broad chemical compatibility and low extractable levels in a wide range of fluids and applications.

PP-FC 100

Constructed with proprietary melt blown microfiber technology using 100% pure polypropylene filter media, PP-FC 100 filter elements have exceptional dirt-holding capacity.


The PP-FC uses a graded density filter matrix which captures particles throughout the entire filter depth.


The Donaldson P-GSL N filter element is constructed of 100% stainless steel and often used in high-temperature liquid applications.


With a unique filter shape, the P-RL element allows more media to be used in a smaller housing for coarse liquid filtration.


Donaldson L-BE liquid filter bags provide a high contaminant holding capacity at an exceptional price and quality.


The Donaldson ACB carbon block element is specifically designed to aid in the removal of treatment chemicals from water.

Competitive Fit Filters

Donaldson uses industry leading technology and offers liquid filter elements for Donaldson liquid housings as well as replacement filters for other popular bands.