Filter Housings


PF-EG sanitary filter housings provide the greatest level of housing design for liquid applications. Designed for point of use filtration of process and ingredient liquid.


Stainless steel liquid filtration housing designed for bulk filtration of liquids, ingredients and source water.


Sanitary stainless steel, in-line filter housings for use in liquid filtration when traditional t-style housings are not practical.


Donaldson P-PT filter housings are designed for industrial applications that require 316 SS construction.


Pure, cost-effective filtration of water, acids, alcohols, and chemicals. An economical alternative to low flow, stainless steel filter housings.


Collects course particulate in high volumes found in various liquids. Unique filter shape provides greater filtration life in a smaller footprint.


The L-BH single and multi-bag liquid housings feature heavy-duty construction for maximum durability and are a reliable solution for pre, course and bulk liquid filtration.