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Cummins® X15 / ISX Engines

Engineered with technology proven to deliver fuel that's cleaner than the competitors' best filter.

Engine and injector manufacturers tell you that you need the best available fuel filtration – and we agree! Clean fuel helps minimize expensive repairs and unplanned downtime – it is better for high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel.

We offer two options:

  1. Standard filters are designed to match OE filter performance.

  2. We're raising the standard in fuel filter performance for Cummins® X15 / ISX engines. Donaldson offers complete engine fuel filtration coverage for X15 / ISX engines, including both standard and premium Donaldson Blue® filters with Synteq XP™ media. Our Donaldson Blue filters will deliver fuel that's four times cleaner than competitor’s best filters.

It’s critical that your fuel filters remove – and retain – as much contaminant as possible in all types of operating conditions. Donaldson Blue filters with Synteq XP media technology provide premium protection for HPCR fuel systems. They offer better contaminant removal and better contaminant retention under the challenging operating conditions your engines and equipment face every day.

Donaldson Blue filters deliver the cleanest fuel – period.


Cummins X15 / ISX engines used in popular on-road applications


  • Minimize expensive injector and fuel pump repairs
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Clean Fuel is better for HPCR fuel systems; including injectors, pumps and engines


Donaldson Blue filters deliver:

  • Best capture and retention of injector damaging contaminants
  • Best performance in heavy-duty environments (inferior filters can "slough" contaminant during engine vibration)
  • Best available fuel filtration media - Synteq XP
  • Best protection for today's sophisticated HPCR injectors
Cummins®, Fleetguard® and NanoNet® are registered trademarks of Cummins, Inc. or Cummins Filtration, Inc.
This servicing information is provided as a best practices guide. It is not intended to replace or supersede the service instructions supplied by your engine or equipment manufacturer.

Spin-On Filters 

1.     Unscrew and remove the old filter and gasket.
        Properly dispose of the used filter according to local regulations.

2.     Wipe the filter head with a clean cloth.

3.     DO NOT pre-fill with fuel.

4.     Apply a thin film of clean motor oil to the gasket.

5.     Align threads; spin filter on until gasket contact.

6.     Follow icons on filter to tighten to tighten the appropriate amount.

7.     Start engine and check for leaks.

Donaldson Fuel Filter Servicing

Donaldson provides best practices and recommended steps for fuel filter servicing. Effective fuel filter maintenance is the key to optimal engine performance.