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Portable Fluid Analysis Kit

Fluid analysis is a snapshot of what is happening inside your equipment. It tells you the condition of the lubricant and identifies component wear and contamination in virtually any application. The Donaldson Portable Fluid Analysis Kit allows you to conduct immediate on-site particulate analysis in as little as ten minutes.
Using the patch test method, you can quickly and reliably assign a three-digit cleanliness code per ISO 4406-1999 to a given fluid sample. Simply pull a 25 ml / 0.85 oz fluid sample through a patch membrane filter and compare oil sample particle distribution with the Fluid Cleanliness Comparison Guide (included) to assign an ISO Cleanliness Code.


  • Determine which systems need improved filtration
  • Monitor the cleanliness status of the system
  • Great alternative to more expensive, portable electronic devices
  • Easy to use 
  • Results in as little as 10 minutes
  • Measures particulate levels
  • Provides reliable results


  • The Donaldson Portable Fluid Analysis Kit includes enough supplies for 200 fluid samples
  • All apparatus is securely packaged and well-protected with laser-etched foam in a sturdy carrying case
  • Case Size: 
    • Height: 368.2 mm / 14.5 in. 
    • Width: 489 mm / 19.25 in.
    • Depth: 197 mm / 7.75 in.
    • Case Weight: 4.51 kg / 9.95 lbs
  • Kit Contents:
    • 120 ml Sample Bottles (6) 
    • Membrane Filter Forceps
    • Marker and Zip Drive with reference materials
    • Microscope
    • 500 ml Solvent Dispensing Bottle 
    • Membrane Holder & Funnel Assembly 
    • Sampling Pump 
    • Filter for Solvent Dispensing Bottle (ea.)
    • Plastic Tubing
    • Analysis Cards 7.62 cm x 12.7 cm / 3 in. x 5 in. (set of 50)
    • 5.0 micron Membrane Filters (set of 100)
    • 1.2 micron Membrane Filters (set of 100)
Basic Steps for Use

(Kit includes detailed operating instructions and visual comparison guide.)

  1. Assemble the pump and funnel assembly and screw on empty sample bottle.

  2. Place solvent dispensing bottle filter on spout of solvent dispensing bottle.

  3. Wash funnel with solvent (odorless mineral spirits) and pull solvent through assembly with hand-operated vacuum pump.

  4. Place a patch membrane in the funnel assembly.

  5. Pour the fluid sample into the funnel and fill to the 25 ml level.

  6. Pull sample through patch membrane with hand-operated vacuum pump.

  7. Wash funnel with solvent and pull through patch membrane with hand-operated vacuum pump.

  8. When sample passes completely through patch membrane, remove membrane with forceps, place on clean index card and immediately cover with adhesive analysis lamination cover.

  9. View patch membrane through microscope and compare sight screen from 100x microscope to various pictures shown in the Fluid Cleanliness Comparison Guide (included in kit) to assign the appropriate ISO cleanliness code.

Donaldson Hydraulic Oil Analysis

Donaldson's hydraulic oil analysis service provides the quality testing recommended for effective, preventive maintenance. This module reviews why oil analysis is recommended, how the analysis works, and how to read the lab report.