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Duct Work

Easy Duct™ eliminates time-consuming operations like riveting, cutting, brazing, and welding for standard length piping. Easy Duct can be put together and taken apart with no special tools, saving ducting each time your floor plan changes. This unique design makes Easy Duct the perfect solution for your changing needs, whether it is new equipment or new production lines.

  • Simple to install
  • Clamp-together components can be taken apart and reused
  • Flexible, easily connects to existing ductwork
  • Components and adapters to fit every system
  • Adjustable fittings simplify connections
  • Smooth interior surface helps prevent clogs

Donaldson Torit Industrial Air Filtration - Exactly What You Need for Dust, Fume and Mist Collection

Donaldson Torit's broad range of collectors and filters gives the customers interviewed in this video exactly what they need for dust, fume and mist collection. Donaldson Torit products' reliability and innovative technology can significantly reduce emissions, maintenance costs, and energy costs in manufacturing facilities.