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Operational Efficiency Roadmap in Beverage Manufacturing

As the operations manager for a beverage manufacturer, you’re under a deadline to deliver a roadmap for increased production efficiencies that will save resources and increase profits. You know that quality filtration processes can significantly improve operational performance – but what are the next steps to take?

A goal of improved production efficiency for your beverage operation is comprehensive – and will require input, endorsement, and support from all parts of your organization. But it’s a hugely valuable endeavour – with the potential outcomes being higher profits, more sustainable work practices and the ability to maintain a long-term, high-quality brand presence.

At Donaldson, we define operational efficiency as systems, processes and people working in sync to reduce waste, effort, materials and time, while still producing high-quality services and products. This all must be done within the strict guidelines of regulatory demands. In this article, we’ll share with you our recommended approach for an Operational Efficiency Roadmap with a focus on filtration. 

Where to start?
Alignment with Company Goals

A roadmap should tie into your strategic planning. So, if you are creating a roadmap for improved operational efficiency, this is important at the strategic level and should align with your company goals and have visibility at the executive or management level.

  • Gain consensus from within your organizational leadership about what it means for your manufacturing plant to operate at the optimum levels of efficiency. Benchmark your current processes against current best practice.
  • Consider how you can embed existing key elements of production efficiencies, such as your HACCP analysis and plan. This ensures that your roadmap builds on existing GMPs rather than working in isolation.
  • Consult with your Donaldson team about how to implement improved filtration practices in the context of your overall goals for operational efficiency. We can help with a thorough site assessment of your current filtration installations and help with customized solutions or recommend existing solutions – or a combination of both. With our deep understanding of filtration excellence, we can help you identify efficiencies – and we’re always looking for how we can add value to our clients and co-create the most optimal solutions.
Charting the Journey

We’ve been working with our customers for over 100 years, providing solutions to help them protect the integrity of their manufacturing process. We do this by collaborating with you to identify, assess and implement solutions across your operations in the areas of filtration applications for incoming product and process water, tank venting and culinary grade steam.

We’ve outlined our collaborative approach below, and are ready to take the journey with you, to both craft your roadmap and support the implementation of your plan to reach your goals.

1. Risks and Opportunities Identification: Our Donaldson teams work to align with you, your plants and product lines. We identify the areas that have the most opportunity for improvement, as well as the areas that might pose the biggest risks for your product and process integrity.

2. Technical Site Assessment: Our subject matter experts (SMEs) and service teams work with you to identify and prioritize ways to support the integrity and efficiency of your production processes, with filtration best practices in mind.

3. Site Assessment Technical Report: After your site assessment you will get a full technical report which will include an action plan with identified priorities.

4. Optimization Projects: You can then execute those priority projects for improvement, optimization and risk management, with the support of your local Donaldson teams.

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