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Vibra Shake™

Vibra Shake™ cartridge collector is a self-cleaning collector for intermittent applications where high collection efficiency is essential, such as reclaiming precious metals.​
  • Two-stage cartridge for high-efficiency filtration on both coarse and fine dusts
  • Compact, self-contained collector design allows placement flexibility and saves floor space
  • Pre-assembled for easy, low-cost installation—no need for compressed air
  • Selection of inlet size and location for installation flexibility
  • Recirculates filtered air saving heating and cooling costs
  • Provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity
  • Reduces plant maintenance costs

Vibra Shake cartridge filter features proprietary Pleatloc™ corrugation that assures uniform pleat spacing for better self-cleaning and longer filter life.
  • Filter screen captures coarse and fibrous particles
  • Submicron particulates pass through the filter screen and are trapped by the inner layer of media
  • Galvanized outer liner protects filter media
  • Easy filter changeout for quicker maintenance

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Operational Comparison

Operational Explanation

Automatic mechanical self-cleaning ensures the filter cartridge is cleaned every time the unit is shut off. It does an excellent job more cost effectively, and it does it quietly because of heavy-duty construction, special sound-attenuating material, and a vibration isolation motor mount.