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Freezing Out the Competition With a Redesigned Refrigeration Unit Air System

Industry: Transportation

The Situation: Sometimes a product is working adequately, but outside forces intervene and necessitate updates. When ever-more stringent engine standards and aging parts design causes our clients to rethink their current product design, they know Donaldson has the know-how and the technology to provide solutions. This was the case for a Donaldson customer who approached us to develop a new-and-improved competitive air intake design for an on-road refrigeration unit.

The Challenge: Donaldson engineers were asked to replace the incumbent air cleaner system with a higher-performing, exclusive solution that also helped them meet more stringent engine emissions mandates. Specifically, we needed to achieve the equivalent airflow of a 15 cm / 6 in. element in a smaller design, remove a “whistling” sound that was emanating from the incumbent filter design and protect the customer’s genuine OEM service parts retention through differentiated product design.

Our Solution: Donaldson Ultra-Web® Media Technology

Donaldson developed an effective, high-performing solution for our customer. We used our exclusive Ultra-Web® media technology to ensure longer filter life and superior submicron dust capturing and made a custom 14 cm / 5.5 in. FPG size to meet airflow and space claim requirements. A unique, proprietary fit interface was used on the service element to ensure genuine OE service parts retention and performance.  Additionally, we used a custom-engineered sonic choke to control air movement through the filter, which eliminated the whistling sound.

“Engine emissions mandates forced us to repower our units. Donaldson was able to meet our qualifications and also help us retain aftermarket sales.“

— OEM Engineering Team

The Outcome: Thanks to the expertise and ingenuity of Donaldson engineers, our customer now has an air intake system that helps them meet all of their requirements. We provided a smaller system with improved air flow to help meet emissions reduction requirements, developed a system with better sound attenuation characteristics for their customers, and with over 379,000 of these exclusive replacement filters sold, delivered the OE better service parts retention for years to come.

Through our state-of-the-art lab testing support and superior engineering design, we were able to design a replacement filter that performed better and, thanks to our strong IP protection, retained service part sales.

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