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Transmission Filtration Systems Are More Than Just Filters

When it comes to keeping transmission fluid clean, there are a number of filtration components that are vital to the mission. Donaldson offers standard or customized components for a variety of on- and off-road heavy-duty equipment applications.

Two Head (Options) Are Better Than One

Donaldson has two options for heads, depending on your design needs. For custom applications, we design heads that are integrated into transmission / gearbox housings – they are built for and bolted directly to the transmission housing. Alternatively, OEMs may choose a standard Donaldson head that is remote-mounted with a bracket that plumbs directly into the transmission or is mounted on the chassis.

Filters That Perform Under Medium Pressure

Most transmission and gearboxes use medium-pressure filters, as they’re a good fit to meet the control pressure requirements. Donaldson Duramax and FLK are popular choices to address these needs.

Duramax offers proven performance and the convenience of a spin-on for ease of service. FLK bowl / cartridge systems offer lower replacement cost for cartridge-only replacement, reduced disposal waste, and a metal-free option. Both Duramax and FLK offer proprietary fit solutions for service parts retention and to ensure OE performance.

Breathers: Hot Air Out and Clean Air In

Donaldson breathers allow hot air to be released when the transmission is warm in order to prevent overheating, pressure buildup and oil leakage from seals. While doing this, they also provide protection against airborne particulate contamination when the transmission cools and air is drawn back in.

Strain Out Internal Contamination

Strainers are used to prevent internal clutch or gear debris from making its way into the lubricating circuit. They are often included in off-road applications and are normally located in the sump. Strainers will typically last the lifetime of the equipment – although they may require cleaning during transmission maintenance.

The Donaldson range of transmission filtration components will keep OEMs and customers happy thanks to clean fluid that keeps equipment performing reliably and efficiently over time.

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