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Agglomerative Acrylic Shavings Can't Bridge in Torit® PowerCore®

Torit® PowerCore® is engineered to preclude bridging of even agglomerative contaminants like these acrylic shavings.

Industry: Plastic Cutting

Problem: The trim particulate was so agglomerative that no other type of dust collector worked-not baghouse, not shaker, not cartridge

Solution: Torit PowerCore dust collector

Light and fluffy, almost like movie-set snow, the shaved trimmings from acrylic airplane windows flew all over the plant and stuck to everything. What a mess.

The maintenance crew had been using a baghouse collector, but the stringy, clingy trimmings just packed it full. The crew then took the 'bone yard' approach of trying all the other types of collectors located in the plant, including a shaker, cartridge, and cyclone collector. Nothing worked.

When Donaldson Torit contacted them about trying their Torit PowerCore collector, an entirely new approach to dust control, they were excited. An experimental model of a Torit PowerCore dust collector was installed directly over the dumpster area to see if it could handle the highly agglomerative material.

Torit PowerCore Works

No plugging-no packed accumulation of particulate-no shavings flying around-no bridging. The Torit PowerCore filter packs are designed to prevent bridging and clean completely with each pulse-even on agglomerative and nesting materials like these acrylic shavings.

This Torit PowerCore unit runs at 330 cfm.* As illustrated in the graph above, the collector ran for 12 months, pulse cleaning at only 40 psi* to maintain a low system pressure drop below 2 "wg.*

After a year of operation, the system pressure drop had risen to 4 "wg, so the cleaning pressure was increased to a more normal 90 psi. The filters quickly recovered and stabilized at 2 "wg.

* Cubic feet per minute airflow (cfm); pounds per square inch (psi); pressure drop measured in inches water gauge ("wg)

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