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Dura-Life™ Filter Bags Don't Plug in Moist Spray Conditions

With Dura-Life™, plugged filters and interrupted production are no longer a problem for this food spraying operation.

Industry: Food Processing

Problem: Moisture-laden spray plugged conventional filter bags, causing upset condition in the baghouse. 

Solution: Donaldson® Torit® Dura-Life™ filter bags recover from upset conditions and perform effectively for the entire time between scheduled changeouts.

This food preparation company sprays poultry parts and other food items with seasoned coatings before their freezing process. Add sticky powders plus gooey agglomerations and before long you’ve got plugged filter bags, if you’re using conventional needled-felt polyester filter bags.

Then the engineering manager at this poultry processing company installed Dura-Life™ hydro-entangled filter bags in his Donaldson® Torit® RJ dust collector.

Now he states, “The Dura-Life performs better when there is an upset condition. With conventional polyester, when we had a spray that was more moist, it would plug the bags. The Dura-Life is more forgiving in these cases and can recover.”

Dura-Life offers significantly improved surface loading performance, which in this instance translated to improved dust cake release and better recovery from upset conditions in the customer’s process. Surface loading can also reduce operational pressure drop, reduce compressed air consumption and extend filter life compared to conventional needled felts.

The manager says he is “Happy with Dura-Life and will continue to purchase them for the RJ."

Project Statistics
Dust Food Seasoning Powder Spray
Collector 48RJ96
Operating Temperature 32° C - 71° C / 90° F - 160° F
Collector Usage 24 hrs / 5 days per week

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