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Dura-Life™ Filter Bags Last Longer, Help Reduce Operating Costs

There are several dust pick-up points on this automated saw, all ducting into the Donaldson Torit RFW dust collector.

Industry: Wood products

Problem: Large manufacturer wanted to reduce operating costs.

Solution: After replacing polyester glazed filters bags with Donaldson Torit Dura-Life bags, this manufacturer is seeing consistently lower DP and increased dust collection efficiency.

A major manufacturer of motor homes was seeking ways to reduce operating costs, and like most other manufacturers, was looking in every corner for savings. They decided to give Donaldson® Torit® Dura-Life® filter bags a try in their RFW baghouse dust collector that manages grinding waste, including sawdust, wood chips, and paper.

The Dura-Life bags replaced 16-oz polyester glazed filter bags, from which they were getting about 12 months life.

After 6 months, the maintenance manager reported that “the DP is staying lower and the filters are cleaning better” in comparison with the glazed poly.

Now after 12 months of using the Dura-Life bags, he says that the pressure drop is only 1.2 “wg, whereas the old bags would have been at 2½ - 3 “wg.  He said he’s told the crew to delay filter bag changeout for another 6 months!

Based on this performance, he is now installing Dura-Life filter bags in other collectors in the plant, including a Murphy baghouse.

The maintenance manager explains, “I’m very happy with the performance and longer filter life.”

Higher performance and longer filter bag life convinced the maintenance manager to use Dura-Life filter bags in all of his dust collector units — this Donaldson Torit RFW, as well as other styles of baghouse. 

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