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Ultra-Web® Cartridge Filters Deliver Cleaner Air and Longer Filter Life at Ready Machine Tool & Die

Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web filters have given Ready Machine Tool & Die Corp 4-times longer filter life and significantly improved air quality inside the plant.

Industry: Metalworking

Problem: Despite filter changeouts every 3 months on an old dust collector, smoke was visible in the plant air.

Solution: Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web filters, inside a new DFO dust collector, now deliver cleaner air! So far the first set of Ultra-Web filters has lasted over a year.

In October 2004, Ready Machine Tool & Die Corp., Connersville IN, decided it was time for cleaner air. The dust collector that this stamping and die manufacturer had previously used to filter dust required frequent changeouts – and still, smoke was visible in the plant. 

“Our other collector just wasn’t doing its job and the filters didn’t clean well. It had 16 filters that I kept having to changeout every 3 months because they would plug up,” said Lennie Helms, Maintenance Manager.

Ready Machine replaced their old collector with a Donaldson® Torit® Downflo® Oval (DFO 3-12) cartridge dust collector with higher efficiency, longer lasting Ultra-Web® fine fiber filters. The DFO collector has been operating almost around-the-clock for a year without replacement of the first-fit Ultra-Web filters. 

  • 25% fewer filters
  • 400% fewer filter changes
  • Visibly cleaner air in the plant

“The DFO collector has only 12 Ultra-Web filters and it’s doing twice the job,” said Helms. “The air quality is so much better. You can visibly tell that there is no smoke in our plant now.”

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