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Connected Solutions

Filtration Management Through Connected Service

Connected Solutions from Donaldson helps improve filtration management. Our connected solutions and services assist with reducing operating costs, improving your ability to generate compliant reporting, and supporting equipment management. Combining over 100 years of filtration expertise with connected technology, Donaldson brings a consistent and scalable experience directly to end-users.

Help Reduce Operating Costs

Through capturing anomalies and events that are unique to your application, Connected Solutions will prompt you to drive action and reduce disruption in your operations.

Assist with Meeting Compliance Reporting

Connected Solutions provide ongoing standardized data records and automated reports improve your ability to meet compliance reporting requirements.

Support Equipment Management

By providing a consistent interface, with real-time insights and alerts, Connected Solutions helps you efficiently maintain your dust collectors in all of your facilities.


What Is the Internet of Things (IoT) and How Can It Help Filtration?

Utilizing IoT technology for filtration purposes, we can greatly enhance our customers' ability to manage dust collection within their facilities. 

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Four Factory Priorities a Smart Dust Collector Can Tackle

Explore four ways Donaldson’s new connected service can help an industrial facility in supporting both efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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